Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transportation Pricing on the Rise - Survey

An excerpt from Supply Chain Today regarding the Freight Pulse 18 Morgan Stanley/ Logistics Today survey - by Dave Blanchard.

"According to FreightPulse 18, a semi-annual survey of preferred transportation modes conducted by equity research firm Morgan Stanley with Logistics Today, it’s expected that those shippers using rail carriers to move their freight will see a 2.5% hike in their rates through the end of 2010. Even so, rail carriers will see a 2.6% increase in the amount of goods shipped this year. Rail is generally the least expensive mode of domestic transportation, and volume growth is expected to be comparable to the 2003/2004 rebound."

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fuel Pricing Update 5.13.10

Here is an update on fuel prices as of 5/13/10.

From the US Energy Information Administration - the projected average annual retail fuel prices are detailed in the attched link.

Link to: Detailed snapshot of current fuel indices from the EIA

The Truckload Price trend from the BTS has not been updated since my last post.